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Cannabis Hemp Academy Certification Program Increases Trust in Developing Industry

Released by the Cannabis Hemp Academy

The Cannabis Hemp Academy is on a mission to build trust in the cannabis industry through education and training. The school provides a state-of-the-art online training program to certify people as Certified Cannabis Specialists™, a designation that shows students have successfully completed a formal program in cannabis study.

The certification program consists of six courses on topics such as cannabis therapy, legal issues, cultivation and cannabis biology. The courses are all online, and the students complete them at their own pace. Once students complete the courses and pass the exams, they receive their certification and can use the designation "Certified Cannabis Specialist™." The Specialists agree to abide by a Code of Ethics, and the Academy has a process for addressing any complaints about its members.

Certified Cannabis Specialist Trademark

Certification creates a trust in the professionalism of a cannabis business owner or worker that is often lacking in this new industry. There are many people involved in cannabis businesses who are only seeking to make a quick profit and who have little or no prior experience with cannabis. The public is becoming skeptical of industry standards, and it is becoming more difficult to separate cannabis fact from fiction. In order for this new industry to gain credibility, it is more important than ever for people to become educated on the facts about cannabis and hemp and be able to explain them accurately to others.

Certificate for Cannabis Specialist

The certification program is designed for:

1) Employees and job seekers
Anyone who is employed or seeking employment in the cannabis industry will benefit from certification. The certification will allow cannabis job seekers to stand out from the crowd of other candidates. Employers and customers can be sure that a Certified Cannabis Specialist has formal cannabis education and training that most workers do not have.

2) Business owners
The certification program is also suited for cannabis entrepreneurs who want to show their customers and clients that they can be trusted. Certification demonstrates a dedication to standards that are important to customers and clients.

3) Niche careers
Certification is also advantageous for those who want to create a cannabis niche in their existing career, such as marketing, finance, health care, software, construction or real estate. Adding a medical cannabis specialty to an existing profession is an excellent way to develop a new niche market, gain more publicity and get more clients.

The Cannabis Hemp Academy certification program combines the most qualified instructors with a broad curriculum, which guarantees that a CHA-certified cannabis professional has obtained a well-rounded, robust and reliable education in the growing disciplines of cannabis or hemp.

Cannabis Hemp Academy Instructors

The courses are taught by experts in their fields and include:
- Robert J. Melamede, Ph.D., biology professor at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (retired) and founder of Cannabis Science, Inc.
- Robert J. Corry, Jr., one of the most experienced cannabis attorneys in Colorado.
- Deanna Gabriel, a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist who is one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate herbalists in Colorado.

A trusted certification program for cannabis and hemp education is critical to advancing the acceptance of cannabis and hemp, as these beneficial plants and the industries surrounding them move into the mainstream of society.

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Cannabis Hemp Academy: Cannabis, Hemp and Medical Marijuana Training and Classes

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Cannabis Hemp Academy
The leader in cannabis and hemp training and professional certification.

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