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Cannabis Hemp Academy: Cannabis, Hemp and Medical Marijuana Training and Classes

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Cannabis Hemp News

Cannabis Hemp Academy Launches Online Courses and Certification Program

The Cannabis Hemp Academy (CHA) announces the release of a state-of-the-art online training platform for courses related to cannabis and hemp. The Cannabis Hemp Academy online school offers courses in cannabis therapy, cannabis medicine-making, cannabis cultivation, cannabis business models, and medical marijuana and recreational marijuana legal issues. The online school also offers classes in industrial hemp as a fiber, pulp, seed and oil crop. Cannabis Hemp Academy's state-of-the-art course program software makes our cannabis and hemp courses accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

In addition to offering individual classes, the Cannabis Hemp Academy offers a professional certification program as a recognized standard of proficiency for those interested in a cannabis-related trade. Students can earn designations at various levels, including Certified Cannabis Specialist™, Certified Cannabis Professional™, Certified Cannabis Caregiver™ and Certified Hemp Specialist™. Each certificate has a list of course requirements. Students must successfully complete an exam in each required course, and complete the entire list of courses in the program, to become certified through CHA.

A trusted certification program for cannabis and hemp education is critical to advancing the progress of cannabis and hemp, as these beneficial plants and the industries surrounding them move into the mainstream of society. The Cannabis Hemp Academy certification program combines the most qualified instructors with a broad curriculum, which guarantees that a CHA-certified cannabis professional has obtained a well-rounded, robust and reliable education in the growing disciplines of cannabis or hemp.

Benefits of Certification
A certification proves that the job candidate or entrepreneur is serious about their cannabis education. The Cannabis Hemp Academy cannabis and hemp certification programs are designed for anyone that is looking for employment in a medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, cannabis or hemp trade and wants to stand out in the competitive job market. The certification programs are also designed to complement those that have an existing professional certification in another field, like health care, real estate or construction. Adding a medicinal cannabis specialty to an existing profession is an excellent way to develop a new niche market, gain more publicity, and get more clients.

Cannabis Hemp Academy Curriculum and Instructors
The medical marijuana training curriculum was developed partially by the Cannabis Therapy Institute, a Colorado organization that has been a leader in medicinal cannabis education and advocacy since 2009. Instructors include Deanna Gabriel, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist; Dr. Robert Melamede, Cannabis Science, Inc. and Robert J. Corry, Jr., Colorado medical marijuana attorney. Instructors are all independently-contracted to teach courses in their specialty.

Cannabis Hemp Academy History
The Cannabis Hemp Academy had its beginnings in Colorado in 1992. Under an educational program titled "Hemp Awareness 101", CHA-founders offered general public education courses on cannabis, hemp and medical marijuana through various student groups at the University of Colorado campus. In 2009, with the increase in interest in medical marijuana and industrial hemp in Colorado, the Cannabis Hemp Academy expanded its course offerings and began a certification program in cannabis and hemp through live classes. In 2014, the CHA launched its online school to make our certification programs available to a nationwide and international audience.

Excellence in Education
Other marijuana colleges, hemp schools or cannabis training institutes focus on a narrow range of educational offerings. The Cannabis Hemp Academy uses our 22 years of cannabis and hemp educational experience to assemble the world's best cannabis and hemp experts to provide a broad curriculum with offerings that are guaranteed to appeal to anyone interested in cannabis, industrial hemp, or medical marijuana.

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Cannabis Hemp Academy: Cannabis, Hemp and Medical Marijuana Training and Classes

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