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CT101: Cannabis Therapy Fundamentals

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Take this course as part of the Certified Cannabis Specialist™ training program. Includes 6 online classes, a $782 value.

Cost of Full Certification: $420

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Take "CT101: Cannabis Therapy Fundamentals" individually.

Cost of Individual Class: $97

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CT101: Cannabis Therapy Fundamentals

CT101: Cannabis Therapy Fundamentals

Description: Get a general introduction to the basics of cannabis patient education and therapy, including issues concerning cannabis administration, dosage, frequency and safety. Learn about the different cannabis therapies, including tincture therapy, trichome therapy, edibles, ointments and vaporization. Learn how the different strains work for different ailments and how to tell if a medicine is tainted. Participants will gain an understanding of therapeutic use of a variety of cannabis preparations such as: general smoking, vaporization, tinctures, edibles and topical oils. You will gain an understanding of each form, its unique benefits and dosage guidelines.

Instructor: Deanna Gabriel, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist

Cannabis Hemp Academy Instructor Deanna Gabriel

Credits: 3

Class Format: Online or Live? ONLINE

Individual Class: Yes, this class can be taken by itself.

Certification Track: This class also fulfills part of the certification requirements for a Certified Cannabis Specialist, Certified Cannabis Professional™ and Certified Cannabis Caregiver™.

Pre-Requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this class.

Course contents: This course contains video modules as well as printed course material.

Exam: This course contains a 50 item multiple-choice test. In order to successfully complete the course, a score of 75% is required. The test is open-book, and can be taken multiple times if necessary. The student can print a "Certificate of Completion" for each course once the test is completed successfully. The test is optional and is not required if the student is only taking this course for educational purposes and does not want to apply the course to a Cannabis Certification Program.

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